We are having vaccine now! How is edtech going to survive post pandemic?

We are having vaccine now! How is edtech going to survive post pandemic?

We are having vaccine now! How is edtech going to survive post pandemic?



We all know that pandemic brought immense change and bad days to us. It has destroyed many things in a bad way that no one had expected. But on the other hand pandemic has brought a new phase of learning. In direct words, pandemic introduced us with the alternative way of learning, i.e. online learning. We were aware of online learning even before pandemic as well. But we were not sure of using it as an alternative.

And since we got to know that edtech is a savior in these times of pandemic, we got relied on it. As things were not in their normal state and we found a solution in the name of edtech for the learning process to be continued.

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The industry has got a boom during this pandemic, or we could even say that it got revived during this pandemic time. We learnt the online things, we managed to do all the things online not only in education industry but also, almost all the things got shifted online.

What is the problem then?

Yes, this is the question. What is the problem then if everything is going well? What is the issue then if the things are moving smoothly?

The answer to the above mentioned question is that this is such great news to hear that things are coming back to normal, that we have survived this pandemic, and now things are looking bit sorted. Finally we are having a vaccine to this pandemic problem.

But it could even take things back to normal for the edtech industry. How is the industry going to maintain its presence in post pandemic era? What are the steps the industry should take?

The industry has to survive this post pandemic times, which are heavy on the industry because no matter how but edtech is going to grow for sure. Once it will establish its importance in the initial phases post pandemic. Just a little more effort is required. As this is the most required industry as of now and for future too. It is just about the realization of the industry’s importance even after pandemic. And it is going to require some efforts for sure. Like could ask questions like,


How to solve this problem?

This is not going to be a big problem because in the past few years even before pandemic edtech start-ups like Byju’s, Vedantu, Extramarks have made their presence through helping schools in managing the education part by their collabs and all.

Byju’s especially have done and gained a lot in 2020. It has gained students in excess numbers, it has worked hard to reach at number one in it’s field. And with the wrapping up of the year as 2021 arrives the company has decided to acquire the Aakash Educational Services. Well this is the biggest and appealing news as we are starting a new year.

So it is not going to be a tough part post pandemic because the companies have already given their best before pandemic. It was just a boom that came during pandemic, but here the point is the companies will have to retain this, the companies will have to focus on the retention of its market. Because things are going to be normal back again and it needs even more concern this time by each and every edtech start-up.

Government has presented the opportunity to support edtech 

Yes, the National Education Policy 2020 is presented by the government in such a way that it is all and all a big helping hand to the edtech industry. All the plus points are there in the policy for the edtech start-ups just the start-ups have to work a little in this direction.

The policy is favoring the current situations faced by the education giver and takers today. Wel the only that seems as the big one in the way is that not yet the whole country is smartphone or laptop equipped. This is the thing that could be a big stone in the way of edtech start-ups in reaching their destination.

But slowly this issue too is going to be resolved in one way or the other. The ultimate goal of the edtech start-ups should be for the sake of the goodness of the country and it’s youth. In making the country even more knowledge rich, no any single child should be left behind, each and every kid/student should have their part of knowledge, which they deserve. Each and every child in the country deserves their part of education; only then the aim of taking education to all should be accomplished. And this aim needs to be common for all the edtech start-ups ony then it could be achieved and only we all will be able to solve the problem of illiteracy in our country. Everything takes time we understand but for that we need to start from somewhere or from a zero where required.