What should be taken care of after schools hit re-opening?

What should be taken care of after schools hit re-opening?

What should be taken care of after schools hit re-opening?



Old is gold. Yes we all not only say this thing but also believe in it a lot. That whatever was in past, like a decade or two decades before. It was something as best as gold to us. Why? For such obvious reasons because we human beings trust experienced things rather than things that are yet to be experimented. We feel scared in trying or applying something new. Well that’s pretty fine also to think like that, this is human nature.

And now we can say that we are slowly hitting it off. We are gradually moving towards all those things that were running the whole world in past. Like, shopping by being physically present in the market or the mall, travelling, eating outdoors in restaurants or hotels, staying outdoors. And including many other things in the row, especially studying. Sending children back to their schools for their studies. This is the thing that one needs to be concerned about because other things do not involve children in them. They can be managed or tailored accordingly by the men and women but for children we need to be more cautious.

As we know adults can easily take care of themselves. They do not need anybody to make them recall about their health. But, children do need somebody on a regular basis to keep a proper check on them. Because they do not understand what is right? And what is wrong? So this is going to be a major responsibility of schools when they take the decision of re-opening. They need to change everything from the start to the end including anything to everything.

For education to be leveling up again like earlier, schools need to be enough precautious so that no any safety measure should be forgotten that is necessary. Earlier things were way too much different like, we need precautions back then also but earlier not taking precautions was not that harmful that if not taken it could even create risk for somebody’s life. On the other hand situation is extremely contradictory now. If during or after pandemic precautions are not there it could even harm somebody’s life.

And when we talk about the re-opening of schools we are talking about young children. They need special care. No any school or parent would want to risk their child’s life, so precautions are necessary. With precautions life is going to be like normal, like earlier. We have already started living some of it again.

What precautions do schools should take?

  • Proper distancing should be concerned-

Well this is a very obvious point to be concerned about on the first instance. Distancing is the major thing to be worked upon in the very first go; after the school re-opens schools should make proper circulars for everybody to follow. 

  • Masks, must have!-

No doubt! Not a point to be given a second thought. These are to be counted in the must have’s, schools should have masks and sanitizers as mandatory to be wore and used in by everyone. Starting from students to all the teachers and the whole staff and peons in the school. Schools should even have some spare boxes of masks and in the school for emergency needs.

  • Teachers should tell students to use sanitizers-

Well, of course! Teachers should tell their students about using sanitizers, they should keep a proper check on their students for using sanitizers.

  • Proper hand wash is needed by everyone-

This needs to be told, for sure! We all wash hands but not all of us know about the correct way of washing hands. But, this is the time that we should learn and also share it with the students. In the school that what is the right way of washing hands.

  • Seats should be distanced properly-

All the seats should be distanced properly from now on. So that the health of all students will be taken care of and all the guidelines of social distancing should be followed.

  • Gathering in school should be avoided-

Yes! Any kind of gathering should be avoided like school assemblies. As assembly ask for many children to be present on same ground for enough time. Distancing could help, but the best option for it is avoiding. Let’s just avoid those things that are not necessary in order to keep all of us safe.

We can have a long list in here talking about the precautions or safety measures to be taken. But, discussing all of them here is not possible. Let’s just continue our important works while taking care of ourselves. We can do it by keeping our and our children’s health at top in our priority list. Searching alternatives for the safety measures is not an option; we all should follow the safety measures. And with a new start we should make our children aware of the importance of the safety measures that they should take.