CBSE 10th and 12th exams are now having dates

CBSE 10th and 12th exams are now having dates

CBSE 10th and 12th exams are now having dates



The state of panic has now came to a state of relax for students of CBSE board. They as the dates have now been announced by the Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. The decision has come as the exams are going to take place in between May and June. The dates that he has shared are 4 May and 10 June. The expected months in which exams can happen are revealed but the exact date sheet is however not yet released by the Minister. The date sheet too will come out in sometime soon. And he has said that the results will come in July.

Also he has shared about the JEE Mains and NEET exams 2021. Both the competitive exams for 2021 are supposed to be happening they are not be cancelled in any terms, as he marked that we have already delayed for about three times the competitive exams in 2020 because of the pandemic situations. We have also given students the opportunity to change their examination centers according to their vantage. He added cancelling the examination in between the pandemic too was an option. But, taking that decision could have caused immense harm to the country and the future of the students for sure. Well the dates for the competitive exams are yet to be announced by the minister. He has made the thought clear about the competitive exams non-cancellation thing by addressing about the same to the students that students should prepare for their competitive exams.

Well this is said for sure that for students who are about to appear for their boards exams. They are going to have a relaxation in their syllabus for about 30%. But things are not alike for students who are preparing for NEET 2021 and JEE Mains 2021 there is no relaxation in their syllabus.

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For this on the other hand some students even have requested to the Minister to lessen the syllabus for their exams because they too were unable to take classes for proper preparation because of the pandemic thing.

Students too have suffered a lot even after being at home. Concerning on the students who are about to appear for their boards this 2021. If this year too was suppose to be like a regular year then the panic situations too were supposed to be regular like always. But this is the pandemic year and so the burden and stress for the students and their teachers is way too much different. Earlier too students used to panic for their exams they use to have nightmares about their examinations or about results of their boards, or even long sleepless nights. But this year things are not aligned the way they were aligned earlier.

This year classes for a new session were not even ready to kick start and the pandemic made its entry. And that ruined everything from A to Z, everybody just got knocked down by the pandemic and the lockdown happened in the row. And all of us were bound to stay at our homes for months. Just for the sake of our and our family’s health.

The classes were shut down initially in the hope of everything to come back to normal. Well that was not in near future and slowly we understood and believed in the power of online learning, or E-learning. Gradually the classes shifted from physical classes to no classes and from no classes to online classes. Everybody believed in this not so very new way of learning.

And that made a huge change in the life of students. And the students have undergone a massive change in their traditional way of studying. So because of this sudden and massive change the students were not emotionally ready to take the change or to accept the change from both their hands. This is why their studies got disturbed, which the government understood and accepted properly. And the half-yearly exams happened in both modes, offline and online. All the decisions completely depend on the will of the students and the parents. Whether they find it safe for their children going to school for their examination or not?

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Well the government too understands the situation out there and the mental situation of students. And so it is giving relaxation in many ways. But, completely denying for the examinations could actually be harmful for the future of students and the country as well.

Now for 10th and 12th class students the dates are announced however the date sheet is yet to be released. It has now been advised to the students to keep calm and release their tension for the dates of their examination. Now the time has come to soothe themselves and learn and prepare for their exams with a cool and calm mind. Their hard work will show the good results sooner.