6 Strategies to Maximize Student Learning Time

Time, as we all know, is a precious commodity to any individual. In the realm...

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Gamification: What, and How it benefits Digital Learning

Gamification in learning is using game design and mechanics to enhance areas ...

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Pandemic has caused a constant swing in education for children?

  We all have undergone a massive painful situation right after we encountered the pandemic. The pandemic that hit all of us in 2020, that destroyed almost every growing, flourishing, established industry in just a year. The stages of change in the education sector were like switching from one end to the other. At one time the education was perfectly going well offline and then it got halted by the unexpected entry of the pandemic. Right after that, studies of students got resumed with the help of online education. Then again after a ...

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Ways to survive this pandemic with good education

  Have you ever thought of a life without the required education? NO! So how come we can expect this thing from our coming generation to think this way? Why do we need to become so forgetful about our youth that they can waste their time during this pandemic period without their part’s studies? Can’t we give our best to serve them with the required amount of knowledge that they deserve?  ...

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Role of a Teacher in a Competency-Based Learning Classroom

It takes more than just technology to help a student learn in the best possible way. Yes, it has reached far into the future, bringing in amenities that could never have been imagined in a classroom, especially in aiding a student through their daily lessons. But teachers do hold a special place in this classroom setting: they help in bringing about a personalized learning environment, where relationship-building and trust form the foundation of everything that happens in the classroom. In a personalized, competecy-based classroom, teachers move between groups of learners encouraging discussions, helping students explore and set goals, or engage in a more direct instructional method few students at a time. These classrooms offer a student and teacher flexibility, wherein they can work independently as well as together, depending on the type of work they're doing. These cla...

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10 Steps to Implement Competency Based Learning in the Classroom
Competency based learning, as described in
Competency Based Learning: A Beginner's Guide
With the education system slowly veering its course of growth towards a
Digital Gradebooks and What They Mean
Since the beginning of the digital age, many sectors have either embraced or resisted the digital

How to open a CBSE affiliated school in India

Opening a school in India is a very time-consuming process, but the continuous demand of the schools is increasing the interests of more and more people as they are moving forward to set up an enterprise. And getting CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliation is their top priority.   The main role of the CBSE is to award membership to a school. Any school that got CBSE affiliation has to work according to the guidelines of CBSE. These schools also have to follow the 10 + 2 system of syllabus of education as recommended by CBSE. Currently, there are approximately 18105 CBSE affiliated schools in India as well as out of the country. Every year, nearly 200 new schools get CBSE affiliation.   There are many steps which are involved in the opening a school and getting CBSE affiliation like procurement of NOC (No Objection Cer...

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Why online exam system is important for your school, college or coaching institute
Online examination is a test that is put to a student or candidate over online t
Byjus raises 100M on 2B valuation - Good news for edtech startups
Byju's is the first and the largest edtech startup in India to get
5 reasons why your institute or school need institute management software
Institutions and schools are an important part of our society. They help the students to recogniz

Why should one go for online learning at the times of pandemic?

  Things online are very much easier, we all know this fact. You can have its advantage in many ways, like, shopping by sitting at one place, getting things delivered at your place by just being at the comfort zone of your home, doing meeting without going to the office, completing the office work by staying at home, meeting all the members of the family by the help of just a video call, or attending office meetings by having all the important members on the video call.   ...

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Getting in touch with Your Social and Emotional Scales Through SEL

Education has taken a rather big swerve to push the people involved in the field, and in other fields to focus on innovation and progress. While it does help to push for change and serve the bigger goal of success, it also helps to understand and guide students to handle their emotional and social range when put out to face the ever-growing world. What it takes to be a successful individual in today’s day and age is not just the possession of polished skill, but emotional and social knowledge. Social and Emotional learning (SEL) is a significant part of a students overall education. Targeting these skills can translate into higher academic achievement, amongst other gains. It goes without saying that integrating SEL into the classroom space can help students be better prepared for their future. What is SEL? ...

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Our Top 5 Test-Making Tools For Teachers
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LMS: A Guide for Learning Management Systems
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Good Learning Environments and How to Create Them
As technology continues to grow, with many educators and learners climbing on the internet to eit