20+ Best Useful Apps for Students in 2022

Educational applications have inevitably become a part of education in recent years. They assist those involved in education, including students, teachers, parents, and educational institutions, in carrying out their duties effectively. Students can benefit from various educational apps that can help them be more efficient with their time, whether learning new m...

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Edtech RoundUp - October 2022

Edtech platforms have completely transformed the way Indian parents perceive education. It has changed things considerably for the better. Advanced technology will bring about the next significant transformation in the field of education. Edtech businesses are addressing economic hurdles in addition to the geographical restrictions in India's current educati...

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Here's How Automation Can Help In Improving Your Coaching Center

  Automation in India has progressed in leaps and bounds. From an initial apprehensiveness about the technology to its increasing adoption in several sectors, including education, automation has changed the world's landscape proving itself as an indispensable tool for growth and development. Not just that, but automation also made it easier for academic institutions to transition from an offline world to the online world and now, post-pandemic, operating in a hybrid world. <...

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How to Open Coaching Institute in India?

The education sector of India has seen an increase in coaching institutes in the past few years. It has become an integral part of the system. The education sector in India contributed 91.7 billion US dollars in the year 2018; this figure rose to 117 billion US dollars in the following year, and it is still growing. <...

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How to open a CBSE affiliated school in India
Opening a school in India is a very time-consuming process, but the continuous demand of the scho
Why online exam system is important for your school, college or coaching institute
Online examination is a test that is put to a student or candidate over online t
Byjus raises 100M on 2B valuation - Good news for edtech startups
Byju's is the first and the largest edtech startup in India to get

8 Free Apps All Students Should Download in 2023

Ever since the advent of technology in the education sector, the number of apps specially designed and developed for students has increased with a straightforward goal – to streamline and automate as much as possible. These include themes such as reminders, productivity, progress tracking, collaboration, and more. Furthermore, as the competition among students to excel, grab opportunities, and climb up the ladder increases, these apps prove to be an excellent means to the end. <...

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Everything You Need to Know About Education 4.0 India

In the new millennium, technology began to permeate the educational process, and students and teachers began using technology in fundamental ways (otherwise known as Education 2.0). Education 3.0 emerged due to technological advancements, such as the increasing adoption of a more user-generated internet. Students now have self-service access to knowledge, the op...

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