20+ Best Useful Apps for Students in 2022

20+ Best Useful Apps for Students in 2022

20+ Best Useful Apps for Students in 2022

Educational applications have inevitably become a part of education in recent years. They assist those involved in education, including students, teachers, parents, and educational institutions, in carrying out their duties effectively.

Students can benefit from various educational apps that can help them be more efficient with their time, whether learning new material or staying organized. For this reason alone, we have curated a list of 20+ apps to help you select the top student-friendly apps! 

Best Apps for Students


Forest is a productivity tool for students who need help focusing and can't stop using their mobile devices. Users can virtually grow a tree when they need to focus on their tasks. As long as you remain attentive, the tree will continue to grow; if you close the app, the tree will perish.

Cold Turkey

This one's for you if you are easily distracted. You can set a timer in Cold Turkey to temporarily block distracting websites. There is no way to unblock the websites once the countdown has ended, and there is no way to go back. If necessary, you can even disable Internet access.

Chegg Study App

One of the best student apps, it allows you to rent or buy textbooks for a fraction of the price, saving you money. You can also access live tutors, textbook guides, flashcards, and other resources to assist you with your homework.

The C'reer 

 C'reer app assists students in selecting the best college for them. The app analyzes users' vocal assessments to determine their weaknesses and strengths, recommends careers, and connects them with colleges.


Students can easily keep up with universities and admissions using the Collegedunia app. The app provides all the information users need to choose the best college, such as tuition costs, course offerings, admissions updates, and more.


Students can use this online learning platform to take free courses from prestigious American colleges. However, payment is required for certification. The courses focus on science and technology while covering many subjects. You can take the quizzes after watching the video lectures.


Quizlet app users can learn using flash cards. You can create your flashcards, share them with your friends, and learn from other people's flashcards. Furthermore, students can quickly master a variety of courses, including language, history, and science, using the Quizlet app.

Oxford Dictionary of English

Dictionaries are an essential part of school life. Students can look up words, phrases, and meanings using the Oxford Dictionary of English app. The program also has audio translation and pronunciation capabilities.


As a student, you have a lot on your mind, from doing small jobs to meeting all deadlines. The Notion program assists you in managing your life by allowing you to create agendas, manage files, schedule tasks, and create reminders. 

Write-On Video

The write-on video software brings out students' creative sides. Using the app's various features, you can create videos, create storyboards, and edit videos.


This app is ideal for language learners because it offers on-the-go vocabulary instruction through interactive flashcards and quizzes. It allows students to track their progress and is available in various languages, including French, Portuguese, German, and Italian.


EKID uses augmented reality to teach children under eight. The program includes augmented flashcards that can be used to learn about animals, mammals, other species, and modes of transportation.


Using the helpful app GoConqr, college students can create and share instructional content. Students can access a content library, user groups, and content creation tools. GoConqr also gives students access to various types of content, such as mind maps, tests, notes, flowcharts, and slides.


Download a free app that will aid in your comprehension of the present work of literature. Without any in-app advertisements, students can get evaluations, summaries, topics, and quotes for hundreds of books.


Never before has it been so easy to learn a new language. A fun and easy-to-use app, Duolingo turns learning into a game that will assist you in learning how to speak, read, and write in other languages.

CliffsNotes Study Guides

In the palm of your hand, you quickly access literary study aids for various books. For most of the influential literary works you might study in college, you can get summaries, cram plans, exams, and much more.


Thanks to Evernote, you no longer need to carry a pen and notebook. Make to-do lists, write notes on pages and sketches, organize everything into a notebook, share it with others, and collaborate as a team. 


Use this app to block out distractions and disengage when you need to concentrate. You can block websites, apps, text messages, phone calls, and other notifications for a set period to avoid being interrupted or distracted. The app can also track how you use your phone to see where you spend the most time.

My Study Life

Your class schedule, homework assignments, exam dates, and other information can be easily saved and organized. With this digital calendar, it is simple to set reminders for important activities and upcoming events.


Take advantage of modern flashcard technology based on cognitive scientific research for the best study techniques. You can create cards from scratch or select from thousands of pre-made cards and subject options. You can also track your academic progress and collaborate with your peers.


Students can communicate with their professors and peers via the Remind app. The software allows users to stay connected in real time and is available from any location. You can also share educational materials from any website and access materials posted by others in the app.


Aside from the apps on the list above, many more student-friendly apps are available that improve learning efficiency. Many of these apps can be modified to fulfill the needs of students and educational institutions. Furthermore, educational institutions may collaborate with a development partner to create custom-designed educational apps for students.