12 Best Learning Apps for Adults

12 Best Learning Apps for Adults

12 Best Learning Apps for Adults

It's time to reconsider your belief that learning is only meant for people of a particular age. Information is more readily available than ever in the modern day. Numerous free and paid educational apps are available, and you can find extensive courses online on these tools.

Many of these learning applications are meant for adults. They allow them to study the topics of their choice whenever and wherever they choose, at their own pace. These apps make it possible to do anything, whether by gaining more knowledge, improving your talents, or getting an actual degree. 

So, if you're a grownup looking for an effective online tool for learning, here is a short list of the top educational applications you can download.

Top 12 Apps for Adults

1. Duolingo

The Duolingo app aids with language learning and offers certification. You can enjoy games and work on your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills simultaneously with the Duolingo app. Simply answering questions and finishing classes will help you to develop your vocabulary and grammar.

2. Udemy

Numerous courses on a variety of topics are available on Udemy. You can download the app to get a certificate of completion for a course. The application helps you improve your professional abilities in addition to academic study. Anybody from anywhere can upload a course, and after paying for it, you can choose which one you want to take. Additionally, you may see your academic progress on the app's progress bar.

3. Coursera

Coursera is a platform for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). It enables you to enroll in courses from renowned universities online and obtain a recognized degree, diploma, or professional certificate. You can pursue various courses on Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, R, AI, Business, and many more.

4. Drona

The Drona app is a tool for expanding your general knowledge. It offers daily updates and more than 50,000 guessing questions. With the quiz that comes with the app, you can assess your knowledge, and the Word Learner can help you get better at using English.

5. Highrise – Virtual Metaverse

The improvement of your social skills is a component of learning as well. In the social networking app Highrise – Virtual Metaverse, you can make your avatars, speak privately or in groups with other users, go to virtual events, construct your virtual worlds, and much more. You can even get pets and customize them. This life simulator is a dynamic virtual environment where you can play as your preferred character in a variety of activities.

6. EngVarta

With the educational app EngVarta, users may communicate with real-time English teachers. These experienced instructors can help users increase their vocabulary and communication abilities. It covers a range of subjects, including Idioms and meanings, advanced words, slang words, and others. You can also save the information to read at a later time.

7. Science360

The National Science Foundation created the free iPad app Science360. This app provides engaging media about scientific topics. The app also provides a news feed with breaking news from organizations receiving NSF funding. NSF either creates the content itself or collects information from researchers, academic institutions, and NSF science and engineering centers.

8. Memrise

Memrise is a website with courses designed to make learning languages and vocabulary quick and efficient. Flashcards are repeated at intervals to speed up learning on this British language website. It provides an app for iOS and Android smartphones. So, you can follow the lessons from anywhere. It has many courses for learning French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and other languages.

9. STEPapp

STEPapp is the place to go if you've been looking for a fun and engaging approach to studying challenging subjects like math and science. The app offers you a distinctive gamified learning format. The high-quality information is aligned with your curriculum in an entertaining and engaging way.

10. Codeacademy Go

One of the most in-demand skills nowadays is coding. Therefore, Codeacademy Go is an app you can trust if you want to learn to code or improve your coding abilities. It is a fantastic app for teaching beginners how to code and has courses focused on many coding-related subjects. You can opt for courses on Python, HTML & CSS, Java, Ruby, Data Science, Cybersecurity, and so on.

11. Proloquo2Go

With the help of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app Proloquo2Go, people who cannot speak can express themselves. Anyone with speech impairments brought on by illnesses and disorders such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc., can use this app. Through the use of research-based vocabulary, it aims to enhance language development and the improvement of communication skills. Its cutting-edge features enable therapists, teachers, and parents to put the best speech improvement practices into use.

12. Blinkist

The Blinkist app is your savior if you belong to the group of grownups who cannot afford to spend hours reading a book. The Blinkist app offers podcasts in addition to a vast library of summaries from several non-fiction books in 27 different categories. The books are also available as audiobooks if you prefer to listen to them.


You are less likely to hesitate to buy an app if it has fantastic material that could catch your interest. A lot of adults spend money on gaming apps. So why not on educational apps, which can offer you the chance to pick up new knowledge or develop your existing ones? 

Given that people are seeking to learn and upskill more than ever, it is time for educational institutions and adults to consider this seriously