Why online exam system is important for your school, college or coaching institute

Why online exam system is important for your school, college or coaching institute

Why online exam system is important for your school, college or coaching institute

Online examination is a test that is put to a student or candidate over online to evaluate his/her knowledge on a particular subject. The pattern of the exam is the same as that of a conventional examination, but students need not have to gather in a classroom to give this exam. All you need is to have applied to an examination, a computer and a good internet connection.

Many educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities and coaching centres are trying to adopt this modern assessment methodology as it has numerous benefits.

There are many benefits of an online exam, some of them are...

B7        It saves paper: Every year tons of papers are wasted to conduct exams. Above that lot of time money is wasted in printing those papers. By conducting online examinations one can easily save paper i.e. save trees. It is easy, nature-friendly and cost-effective.

B7        It gives instant results: The computerized system gives you instant and accurate results which save you lot of time waiting for results like in traditional exams. Students can save their valuable time by rectifying their mistakes immediately and start working on them.

B7        It saves a lot of time: You can cut down all the time and effort that is generally required to conduct an offline examination. The distribution of the exam demands very little time. Just upload all the email addresses of the students and send them an invite. That's it!! They get instant results once they are done with the exam.

B7        It saves a lot of money for the institution as well as students: No need to buy paper and print questions. No need of your students assembling in a classroom. No need for students traveling to the examination location to write the exam. No need for an invigilator to check the students giving the exam. They can simply log in on the given time frame from their own device. Students can give exam even from a remote area.

B7        It is flexible and easy to create the exam pattern: It is very easy to prepare a question bank with lots of questions and randomly give different questions to the students as the software is automated. Whereas in a traditional examinations it is a hectic task to conduct an exam this way.

B7        Statistical Analysis becomes easier: Various comparative analyses can be easily done over online to analyse the outcomes of various examinations over time. Depending on the exam pattern, statistical information can be easily pulled to create reports and analyse different data.

B7        High security and confidentiality: The security and confidentiality is very important for every exam. Offline exams always have a risk of leakage of questions which results in cancellation or retake of examinations. But in online examinations, the content is safely locked inside a database and only authorized personnel can get access to it before or after the exam.

B7        It provides great comfort for students as well as management: As online tests don't have lots of processes, students can give their examination in a comfortable atmosphere. It also boosts their confidence to perform well. Also it is a hassle-free job for the management as everything is automated.

B7        Online Exams give good exposure to institutions: Schools, Coaching centres and colleges who have adopted online examinations definitely have an edge over institutes that are still following traditional examination process, because online exams is a clear sign that the institutes care for improving the quality of conducting exams and are ready to upgrade anything that benefit a student to study in the most comfortable environment. Online exam system in a wonderful add-on for institutes to promote and market their institution in the market which obviously fetch them good exposure and thereby large number of students.


Conclusion: Though online examinations have its own disadvantages, it has lots of benefits which an offline examination can never offer you. It is so far the best mode of examination in the present generation.

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