How to open a CBSE affiliated school in India

How to open a CBSE affiliated school in India

How to open a CBSE affiliated school in India

Opening a school in India is a very time-consuming process, but the continuous demand of the schools is increasing the interests of more and more people as they are moving forward to set up an enterprise. And getting CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliation is their top priority.


The main role of the CBSE is to award membership to a school. Any school that got CBSE affiliation has to work according to the guidelines of CBSE. These schools also have to follow the 10 + 2 system of syllabus of education as recommended by CBSE. Currently, there are approximately 18105 CBSE affiliated schools in India as well as out of the country. Every year, nearly 200 new schools get CBSE affiliation.


There are many steps which are involved in the opening a school and getting CBSE affiliation like procurement of NOC (No Objection Certificate) or advised by the state education department. Thus, if a school owner wants to apply for CBSE Affiliation, in that case, they have to apply for permission. The state department makes clear the affiliation papers and takes important actions and decides either to accept or refuse the application. If the affiliation is refused by the state department, then you canbt get the affiliation from CBSE Board. Hence, to convert your normal school to CBSE School, you have to convince the state education department and get a green signal for conversion.


Following are the types of affiliation which are dependent upon the needs and requirement which an individual can opt:

B7        Provisional Affiliation

B7        Regular Affiliation

B7        Permanent Affiliation


Before you apply for affiliation, your school should be up and running

When you go to apply for an affiliation of CBSE, then you can only do this if you have a running school. Actually, the affiliation application needs information like teaching and non-teaching staff, the number of students in the school, etc. You have to give this information only once when the school has started.

Build a Non-Profit Society or Trust

CBSE customs state that any independently, a private school should be organized by a Not for Profit society or trust. So, you also have to make a trust and register in the registrarbs office in your state.


The land of school should be registered in the Name of the Society/Trust. The CBSE board has defined policies for land that all private and public schools must have to follow. The least required land is one acre in urban areas and two acres outside the urban areas. The school can buy land or get it on rent for approximately 30 years. In dual conditions, the managing Trust/Society of the school should be the owner of the property.



Similar to other business, a school requires funds to set up the infrastructure as well as completing the process of setting up. These needs start exact from buying land on lease or ownership to building up the structure, laboratories, classrooms, staff recruitment, equipment and some other mechanism. You can manage the funds through finance, but you have to be prepared for the least requirements to start with.

Get the NOC from Your State administrator and begin Construction

Youbll also require a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the state government, permission from Child Welfare Organizations, Health Departments, Municipal Corporation, etc.


Installation of furniture and employment of Staff

Youbll require child-friendly furnishings and other learning tools for classrooms, laboratories, etc. Also, you also should have the right ability to operate your school proficiently. You should employ passionate and qualified staff for teaching and non-teaching purpose and also give them training at regular periods.


The local schooling officers will examine the school earlier than providing the CBSE certificate. And when all the approvals and certifications are achieved, you can begin your school and go for CBSE affiliation.


Hope this guide will help you to open a CBSE affiliated school perfectly.