How Jio Glass is revolutionising the virtual classroom experience?

How Jio Glass is revolutionising the virtual classroom experience?

How Jio Glass is revolutionising the virtual classroom experience?

(AGM) Annual Grand Meeting 2020 was recently held by (RIL) Reliance Industries Limited. This was it’s 43rd Annual General Meeting and it witnessed several announcements but the highlight of the meeting was Jio Glass, A new mixed reality solution showcased by the company. It looks like ordinary spectacles but has some amazing features.

What is Jio Glass?

This new product by RIL focuses on intensifying the virtual space by making it more interactive using 3D avatars, holographic content and along with all these amazing features it holds the usual video conferencing features too. The Jio Glass weighs only 75gms and along with video it also supports personalized audio. To access any content on the device the company will provide you a cable that you will have to attach to your smartphone to access different use case scenarios.

In this virtual world, Jio Glass gives you the experience of using 3D avatars to make interactions better. This device will also allow designed discussions by sharing 3D holograms. As per the company, Jio Glass will get support from 25 apps for now. This glass can be used for many purposes such as- educational, video conferencing, etc.

The demo of Jio Glass was presented by Isha and Akash Ambani

"Hello Jio, please call Akash and Isha," Kiran Thomas, the company President said, after which Jio Glass made a call to the siblings. Akash Ambani appeared in a 3D avatar whereas Isha Ambani joined in using a 2D video call interface. During the call, they demonstrated how Jio Glass will make meetings easy and interactive and even indulged in a conversation.

Jio Glass and The eLearning Experience 

The sector that is worst affected due to the coronavirus pandemic is the education sector as almost every sector has resumed their work after unlock-1. But the schools, colleges & educational institutes are still closed, causing huge damage to the students and teachers as well. In a situation like this, RIL launching Jio Glass would be a great help as it will allow users to attend holographic video calls by sitting comfortably at their homes. 

Currently, all the schools, colleges, and other educational institutes have been reaching out to their students through video calls and what could be better than providing them a 3D environment and that too with the help of a 75 gms device. Not only education but this device is also helpful for the people who are working from their homes. Video Call is one important thing when it comes to working from home. With the help of Jio Glass, you can place a video call you just need to give a voice command saying, call ABC. You can either join in 2D like a regular video call or in 3D. Users will also be able to share documents and presentations on a large virtual screen during these holographic video calls. In addition to this, you can also share 3D assets and holographic programs and conduct design discussions in these meetings.


How will Jio Glass Help us in Long run?

The Jio Glass when launched will bring a revolutionary change. This device is one of its kind and in a generation where video conferencing is given utmost priority, this device will surely be helping many people for a long time. The students and teachers will be benefited the most through this device, as currently they are sitting at home and learning mostly through video classes and Jio Glass will help them learn through 3D video calls and holographic programs, this will give them a real life experience. 

Not only during this situation but even if the schools and colleges reopen, things are not going to be the same. Online Learning will be in practice if not fully atleast partially.When students will get 3D video calls, the learners will surely prefer to safely stay at home and learn.

Till now Jio hasn’t given any details about the price or how it will be made available for the customers. But it surely has given some hope to the students and teachers so that the learning experience gets even better...