Pandemic has caused a constant swing in education for children?

Pandemic has caused a constant swing in education for children?

Pandemic has caused a constant swing in education for children?


We all have undergone a massive painful situation right after we encountered the pandemic. The pandemic that hit all of us in 2020, that destroyed almost every growing, flourishing, established industry in just a year.

The stages of change in the education sector were like switching from one end to the other. At one time the education was perfectly going well offline and then it got halted by the unexpected entry of the pandemic. Right after that, studies of students got resumed with the help of online education. Then again after a long wait vaccine made its entry and everyone got excited about everything going back to normal. But, a swing came by and now it says that the pandemic is not still gone. We need to take care of everything. 

During a pandemic, the initial stage said we should pause everything as it is, including the education of our children, and the lockdown got imposed. Then when we came to know that this pain is going to take a little longer and we cannot halt the education for that long. After that then we came upon a decision called online learning, and we got shifted to online education. In between all this, the education pattern of our children has got disturbed alit they are not able to focus on their studies the way they used to. A little distraction in studies can cause a major effect afterward, in comparison to a little this a major disturbance not just distraction. All the things are messed up, even after having the vaccine we cannot live freely, just for the sake of the lives of our and our family.

Yes, a great swing was there, not only in the education sector but in every sector. We need to take serious precautions just the way we took in the past times when the pandemic was at its peak. Well, the factual truth is, yes we are having vaccines with us, but it continues with a second truth that the pandemic is not yet over. It is somehow, hitting us back. 

Yes, we do have vaccines with us but that does not mean that we are supposed to loosen up the precautions that we were taking, or that we are taking right now. The vaccine can help you minimize the problem it cannot completely end the problem, or even if it ends, this process is going to take time. And the pain that this pandemic could spread again that is not hidden from any one of us. We all know that how much massive destruction this pandemic has already done. We should not give this virus a second chance to put a halt on everything or to bring down even more lives to the death. We already have seen enough of pain all around.

What should we do to prevent the virus from reaching us, our children, or our family?    




Yes, the only and incomplete answer to the above-written question is PRECAUTION. Incomplete because the answer is not sufficient but it can hold you in a safe position. In one or another way, like whether we have a vaccine or not, we are supposed to take precautions.

· Remind your children to be precautious while going out. 

· Do keep a sanitizer and mask always in your child's bag.

· Ask them to stay away from people out there when they are in their school premises, or when they are in their classes.

· Avoid sending your children out.

· If needed also keep a face shield in your child's bag.

· Do make necessary arrangements for your children if going out is necessary.

You will have to make your children aware of the importance of getting used to the precautions, every single time they go out. It is the duty of every citizen, not only for a particular country but for the whole world. 

Well, this is the truth that pandemic has brought all of us and especially our children to a state where things are getting irregular in their studies. Their time-table is disturbed, their classes are disturbed, their concentration is regularly dealing with major disturbances. And as we all know studies are way too important and not every child likes it. So this is going to be a little challenging for our children to take up with their studies the way they used to in the past.

Here, parents are going to play a vital role they will have to be supportive with their children no matter what the situation is outside. They should be offering proper support from their side to their children, as they are affected and so are their studies. We can just hope for everything to be normal soon. We should continue taking precautions keeping it on our priority list.