To create & sell online courses, you need to master an authoring tool, license a learning management system (LMS) b or come up with a workaround b figure out hosting and e-store, and then have to deal with end user support. These days, you can get across the finish line with little more than the digital video camera in your phone, an Internet connection, and one of the 5 platforms listed here.

1.   Udemy

One of the important thing to learn on Udemy is that an individual can access his/her courses from various different devices and platforms, which also includes a desktop / laptop, Android app, iOS app, and Apple TV app.


B7        Video, Audio & Text Lectures

B7        Quizzes,Coding Exercises, Download lectures

B7        View Instructor Announcement, Direct Messaging,Search By category etcb&

All the features are available in web mode but non web mode cannot provide all the features.

Udemy, it not just provides you the infrastructure to sell your courses but also actively promotes your courses to its audience. Udemy requires an individual to share a certain percentage of 50% course revenue with them which is fair. But when it comes to pricing Udemy puts all sorts of restrictions and control on pricing, promotions, access to student data etc. Udemy is a great platform where every course creator gets paid. It was easy to use, and helps to get started quickly and market the courses.

The payment and refund options available to any individual varies depending on what platform a particular individual is accessing Udemy with. 

2.   Thinkific

Thinkific provides the features you want, with the freedom you need. You can make every decision about publishing, pricing, and promoting your education business while crafting amazing learning experiences for your audience.




B7        One can easily create and customize courses to match your brand

B7        One can quickly upload, drag & drop content to create the perfect curriculum

B7        Video & Text communications are available, Downloads, Quizzes, Survey, Discussions, Typeform ,Google Docs, Captivate, Articulate

Here you can customize the way your course system runs with the click of a button and can also hide private courses. You can also design a website to showcase your courses. Moreover it have flexible options regarding pricing to fit and style any academic course business.

3.   Teachable

On Teachable, You can package and personalize your content as a stunning online course with the help of learning tools, marketing, analytics under secure environment

Features :

B7        Enhance the learning experience and build an engaged student community by connecting your own domain and reach worldwide students in any language

B7        Quizzes, competitions, Discussion forms are add-ons.

B7        One can start their own affiliate program too

B7        You can always enhance yourself with the student feedbacks and can also see the course analytics

You can payments from 130+ international currencies through Stripe Connect credit card processing or PayPal. Any individual can even accept multiple currencies for a single course.

4.      LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds ranks itself as a bpremiumb choice that introduces high interactivity, social learning tools to complement standard course content, and white labeling.


B7        LearnWorlds also puts a lot of emphasis on its tools for building sales for courses which do indeed look impressive.

B7        One can even test them out without signing up through a simulator that LearnWorlds provides.

B7        One can try it free for 30 days (no credit card required), then pricing starts at $29 per month ($24, if billed annually), but the company also charges $5 per sale.

One has to be sure to do the math b it could add to a good bit more than any other online course platform listed. But Still, looks like a very good option, deserving of the bpremiumb label.


5.   ISpring

iSpring Suite is seamlessly integrated with PowerPoint. It helps a lot in turning a simple presentation into an e-course with tests, simulations, and other interactions, and carefully preserves all the PowerPoint effects.

Features :

B7        In ISpring Suite it doesnbt matter what kind of text styles, transitions, or complex animations one uses in PowerPoint b the final course will play exactly like planned.

B7        Mobile Learning: One doesnbt need to do extra work manually tweaking the course for different devices. Because once the content gets published with iSpring Suite, it plays equally perfectly on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

B7        Preview mode : Preview mode can be used before publishing course to check out how itbll look on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Totally, iSpring is an e-store to sell your courses where one can make learning paths, sell them to learners, collect feedback and track learning performance. One can also create a learning path from their existing learning content such as presentations, videos, SCORM courses, and documents.