Are we choosing the right medium of education for e-learning currently?

Are we choosing the right medium of education for e-learning currently?

Are we choosing the right medium of education for e-learning currently?



It’s been days now, since we have got used to the pandemic affected situations and now we even have vaccine for the problem. But, we all know during pandemic we got a new point of view for almost everything. Let’s say for education, we started taking classes online. We started learning online; live classes became the complete need of a student to depend on during the pandemic. They learnt how to go online, make an account, reach the class address online and start taking classes there.

All the above written things are the points that say we have learnt how stay online and learn. Our children got used to it. As we all know all these online set-ups were immediate and on the time preferring was there. There was no earlier planning and no proper execution we just jumped in from wherever we were standing. It was all next level sudden happening and so nothing was like, a result of a good thought process.

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All of a sudden pandemic came disturbed everything and also stopped almost every proper process going on in the world. The world got stopped its working got stopped, people and their daily outgoing works were completely stopped. All that was left was panic and pain around. And so education of our children too got stopped, then we came to a solution as e-learning for our students to continue the process of studying. We believed and started the thing with real enthusiasm.

But then the problem came for irregularity, improper classes, the phases when students were not able to take classes properly, or they do not get notified about the same, or teachers just forget to drop a message about the same.

All this started happening and what we came to believe that there is a problem in the online learning system. We started thinking that online learning is not a solution to the current situations and the problems coming out as a result from this situation.

Do you seriously think online learning system is having a problem or there is something else that is wrong?

Is it? We may be thinking this way. Yes! we are thinking this way because there are certain reasons behind this thinking.

This is because you have not seen the exact answer to the question. There is a perfect solution but we need to knock the right door, we need to reach them who can help us in this work, we need to reach them who are professionals in this work.

We need to focus on our work but have to have the professionals with us. The need is to reach them who are good at this work. We need to address edtech companies. They are the ones who are professional in this work they know, how to? From where? What is the need? What do the schools need? What do the coaching need? According to the class size what should be the correct requirements?

Schools/coaching/institutes are pro at serving the correct education to their children. They know their work; teachers can serve their students in all the manners related to their studies. But, we cannot expect them to run online work smoothly as this is not their field, their field is teaching and they can excel in that we can expect them to teach but managing things online is not a task that all of us know. Only professionals can do so because it needs perfection.

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Online learning is not at fault but right now our medium is!

We need to know this thing now. It has been long since we are cussing the online learning program. That online learning program is not good enough to serve the students who are in need of education. Now this is the time to understand the situation, the according need and the expected response to the exact problem here.

We need to focus on the right problems and then we are supposed to bring out the best response. That is expected to suit the current situation. We need this because now we are supposed to face the blended from of learning soon. It is the time when learning is going to be appreciated in both the forms online and offline. Well that depends completely on the schools post pandemic that which form does the schools and its students are feeling comfortable in.

The times are completely new, we are supposed to embrace the correct way of this new form of learning. We should stop this wrong message right where it is, that online learning cannot serve well in the way offline education was serving. Just the medium is not right.

We should accept this change in a positive way because it is giving us positive response just the message that is floating since the beginning is not right. It should be served well and the future is going to be bright with online learning or the blended form of learning.