Schools are in dilemma of making a shift online?

Schools are in dilemma of making a shift online?

Schools are in dilemma of making a shift online?



Is going online okay? Are we supposed to take our school online? Should we do this? Should we actually take our business online? Will this be okay? Will this step not harm our work in any terms? Will this step be supporting? Will this step help the students of our schools? How much will it cost? Hope it will not cost much! We cannot spend this much especially amidst all these pandemic situations. We are not ready for this change! We should live with the same medium of serving education, we are not sure that this change will be of any good to us? Should we march in? Is this change going to suit our school? Will this change help our change or will it create an issue for them? Are our teachers ready for this change? Are we ready for this change?

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Seems like a big deal, no? Unable to find a solution! Which step is good? Can’t decide?

Above written all the points are not just the points to read, they are the thoughts that come to many of us when it comes to switching to online platform. Yes! We come across so many thoughts when it comes to face the truth of today. That we will have to go online, we will have to take our business online as now the time has come. And they are so true and natural to come before and while making the decision.

No doubt! That taking our business online is the need of today and tomorrow, but assuring a positive response before the application of something new in our business is pretty important.

But, with the assurance we can see that the world on the other side is moving with the same technique of working online. Are we ready to take that chance? Are we ready to lack the most important need of today? Is this not the lacking that will hold us back? Is not going online will throw us back from the league? Are not our competitors preferring the same way?  How much is this change going to benefit our school? How much this change is going to help our students? How much our payroll system will be helped by this change? How much our work will be sorted and relaxed after starting everything online?

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If first paragraph hold the important questions, then these questions guess will answer all of those questions written in first paragraph not in straight manner of course! But in a different manner obviously!

It is just the matter of looking at the change. Whether we look at it from a negative side, or we look at it from a positive side. But the results are obviously happening and positive for anyone and everyone. Yes the focus and process should be straight and correct. It is definitely going to solve the pre-running issues.

Not only it will change things positively but it will also bring a positive response in the currently going situation we are suffering or facing during the pandemic situations. Like, in the traditional ways of rendering knowledge to the students,

  • Things were suppose to be present in real world, but now a physical presence is not necessary.
  • Earlier, live classes means time bound learning for both the teacher and the student, but now classes can be recorded and that is a positive point for both teacher and student.
  • Earlier, heavy books were mandatory and only option available, but now everything is online even the books are now, e-books. Access is online!
  • Earlier, physical infrastructure was expected like all tables, chairs, chalk, duster, registers, and many more things in the row, but now only few are required.
  • Earlier, shy children use to pack their doubts as well with their bags, but now children can easily clear their doubts through the doubt section available.
  • Bullying was a part in the classes but now things are going to be different, online it is not supposed to be happening the same way.
  • Immediate response! Yes, online has got us covered with the delaying of responses. As if a student gets an issue while solving a sum at home he/she can easily reach to the teacher assigned for the subject online and they will help him/her out.

These are just the points that we can count on our fingers, but being unbiased on this part. The truth is ONLINE is a great answer to all the questions popping up on our faces in every next moment. We should give it a try! Just the way Google has made its name among all of us, for answering all our questions. Similarly, we can say online is the answer to all the hurdles we are facing in our work right now, not just listening or saying would help much, reaching will solve all the issues. Reach!