Why do you think you should choose Online education over Offline education?

Why do you think you should choose Online education over Offline education?

Why do you think you should choose Online education over Offline education?



Well, answer to this above written question is not that easy and also not that tough. It's been a while now since we have seen changes in the educational base. The ones who use to serve others have also faced the issue during the pandemic times and the ones who were trying to learn or directly we could say students have also gone through maximum pain during the times of pandemic.

Yes, we all know that we are having vaccine to us, and we can call it as a solution to our prolonged pandemic  problem. But, on the other hand we also just cannot neglect the fact that the pandemic is not yet over. We are still juggling between so many dilemmatic situations. We do have vaccine with us, but we still do not have answers to so many questions.

Also the fact is just the way this pandemic came to us without any prior information similarly we are not certain about our future. We cannot judge by sitting at one palce that what the future is having in its hands for us? 

We will have to be pretty ready for all the unexpected things. We never know that what our future is having in its hands for us? Talking of now, we know that this pandemic has made us sit back in our homes. We are still not completely ready to move out of our homes. So if not for the unknown circumstances but we can make us ready for all the know issues that we are already going through.

Online learning is the only way we can help our students with studies. During these tough times of pandemic and we cannot neglect that fact that we cannot not take the risk of relaeasing our children from our homes.

Why we should choose online learning?

Come let's talk about the same for a while. And let's to try bring an answer to this question. In general we all know that why we should choose online over offline? It's been long since we are dealing with this pandemic situation and we have already got to know that why we should be choosing online learning? Let's try to envisage some of the ways in which we should believe studying at home and how is that going to help us?

We should choose online learning because,

It is safe -


During these times of pandemic, well this is the truth that online learning is the safest way of learning. This is beacuse our children stay at home and study while their classes are just a click away. By this parents too do not ahve to worry about their child's health. And the children too do not have to face the risk that is roaming around us in so many unknown ways.

It is accessible -

Online learning is never going to ask you that the teacher is not available or the teacher is busy your class is not not going to happen becaause the teahcer is unable to come to the coaching class or the student must be present in the coaching class in order to take his class. That's why we say that online learning is pretty much accessible in comparison to the offline learning format.

It is handy -

Why do we call it handy? Well the answer to this question is pretty much simple. The online learning is handy because we can have our classes on our very handy device that is mobile phones. They are not away from us, we can easliy ask our children to take classes online without waiting for a single second.

It helps in saving paper -

Well, this is a pretty much obvious reason that could make us go for online learning rather than taking up offline learning. We can easily save our notes in here or in the cloud form. It is not going to ask us to have pen or paper to jot down each and every narrating point.

It is an immediate process -

Online learning includes immediate reasponses to whatever issue the child is facing during studying. On the other hand oflfine learning is going to take a certain amout of time in order to resolve an issue.

There are so many reasons as to why we should choose online learning over offline learning. But mentioning all of them here is not possible. Bringing out the best from what we have now is the solution to so many problems.