Why parents are being reluctant to pay the fees even when the classes are going on?

Why parents are being reluctant to pay the fees even when the classes are going on?

Why parents are being reluctant to pay the fees even when the classes are going on?



Things were normal earlier we all know. In education sector also everything was moving in the way it was expected and working from the beginning. But all of a sudden a worldwide pandemic came and drown almost everything. COVID-19 brought almost every successful story from its peak to ground level, from 10 to 3-4 level. These times are the hardest because we are trying to resolve that what are the ways that will help us in in coming out from this dreadful situation.

And the education sector has got a boon in its stream, i.e. E-learning. Yes after all this happened we believed on online learning and that has worked as well. But the thing that has appeared as a barrier in our way of E-learning is not having a proper software for E-learning support. This just disturbed the path and took the ultimate goal’s into somewhat other way.

Receiving education from any way whether online or offline is not an issue but, here the medium became issue and that is taking the guardians and the children a little more time in understanding whether they should believe in online learning or not?

And so the problem of fee payment came into existence because parents feel their children are not getting proper online education in the way they were supposed to. This is the problem why schools are facing this issue. Schools need proper software, where delivering education will be direct enough to reach the students and their parents in an acknowledging way. Where parents and their kids will realize that yes the school is rendering its services with maximum efforts. Here the efforts given by schools will have a count by the education receivers.

Where are the schools going wrong?

In the software thing of course! No doubt each and every school whether small or big is trying its level best to give their students the best education even in these tough times of pandemic. But they are taking the already available options prevailing in the market like, for notifications, schools have took the option of What’sApp, remember it is not made for school or educational groups or notifications, it is for personal use; for video calls schools have took the option of already existing Zoom App or the Google Meet App, remember it is not made for school purpose like to use it for delivering education, it is made for official usage.

Schools are using the already present options, mark here; they are just the options not the solution to the problem. And so all the small problems are emerging like big ones. This is why parents are being reluctant to pay the fees because they are not ready to believe that schools are actually putting more efforts than earlier, which is quite right on their part, as until and unless they will not be assured that their child is actually recieving education then why are they supposed to pay?.

What schools should do?

But obvious answer is there that schools should from now on start believing in the power of going online, having their availability online, building their name online. Not just using the other apps and their names. It is only going to have problem for their school's name and fame. As because schools are using other apps, and that is bringing the required fame in the bags of other apps not to the schools.

  • Schools should have their online presence.
  • Schools should have their own website.
  • Schools should have their own mobile application.
  • Schools should interact through their application.
  • Schools should take classes from their own application.
  • They should use their own school’s name for doing all the activities for the school.

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What good will it do?

  • It will help the schools stay in touch with the parents of the children directly.
  • It will get school the name and fame it deserves on online level.
  • It will make things crystal clear.
  • It will help parents keep check their children’s progress report on their own.
  • It will help students in having direct connection with their teachers.
  • It will help schools gain the trust from parents as they will be able to see the working of school easily and directly on their smart phones.
  • It will for sure help schools in solving the fees issue as parents will be able to keep a proper check on the learning of their students day by day.

At the end the thing that comes out is we all give efforts in our own way. But the thing to be noted here is whether the efforts that we are giving are getting noticed or not? Because this is the world today about credits, here credits matter. And so schools are giving efforts, trying their best but their efforts are not being noticed because of not using proper E-learning software and so getting noticed here is becoming a bit difficult here. All that schools need to do is going online with their own name and trust things online.