Why should one go for online learning at the times of pandemic?

Why should one go for online learning at the times of pandemic?

Why should one go for online learning at the times of pandemic?


Things online are very much easier, we all know this fact. You can have its advantage in many ways, like, shopping by sitting at one place, getting things delivered at your place by just being at the comfort zone of your home, doing meeting without going to the office, completing the office work by staying at home, meeting all the members of the family by the help of just a video call, or attending office meetings by having all the important members on the video call.  

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We just cannot say that online has got wrong in any way. The availability of things online has made ways of doing multiple things online which has allowed us to live in our comfort zone. In the same way, online have the students and the children in many ways. 

This pandemic has made people starve for many things or we should say almost for everything, the basic needs of a human being, for food, for shelter for clothing, for money, for work, daily wages, and also education for those who need or for children. Each person is lacking something of his/her need that is somehow essential in some way. For below the poverty line, people there are different things that they need which are lacking during this pandemic, for middle class they are lacking something else, and so we can say and observe that each person is lacking something that is somehow important to oneself. 

Here, after observing all this we can of course say that online is the way that is somehow in some or the other way is helping people depending on the particular condition. Like, when we talk about children or students they are getting chances to learn by sitting at their home.

And the reason which says that why we should choose online over the traditional offline learning thing is, the answer is plenty of reasons are there in these bad times of pandemic. We need support and things online are providing us that support, that helps that we need in one or the other way, yes we can say not completely but in small ways. And a little help at these times of pandemic is more than enough. So we should appreciate this thing.

Why we should choose online learning? How is it helpful?

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  • It can keep the students safe –

Well, this is a very valid and reliable point to focus upon. We know going out in these tough times of pandemic is way too much risky than ever. So we should rely on online learning because it can help the children in keeping them safe in these tough times of pandemics.

  • It can help solve the problem immediately –

Online is at first chosen by many for a reason called ‘immediate responses’. Students can get complete and immediate responses to their doubts in an immediate way from their teachers, their mentors, their co-students, or whomsoever the problem may concern. And immediate responses can help a lot in clarifying the future big issue that a student may have with doubt living in his/her mind.

  • Online learning can help parents in being assured about their child’s safety –

Parents are always worried about their child’s safety. And if we talk about COVID-19 in this scenario then the parent’s concern is worth it here. We do not know who may be able to carry the virus to whom. So this is a complete risk in letting their child out with the risk of getting caught by the dangerous living virus out there. So when children will study from their home their parents will be assured of their safety as the children are studying in front of them with minimum risks.

  • Every detail is just one click away –

When we are talking about online learning then every detail for a student is just one click away. They need not wait for a particular class to happen on a particular day and then get answers to their questions rather they can easily find the answer to their questions on their phone or their laptop. So this can be said that each detail is just a single click away from the students when it comes to online learning.

  • Of course, paper is of no use in here –

Yes, when we talk about online learning, paper is of no use. That clearly says each thing is present online, every detail is present online just a single click and answer to many of the questions and doubts will be there. So when the data is already somewhere on the cloud then what is the need to unnecessarily write it down on paper? So yes, we can say that through the way of online learning we can save a lot of paper. 

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We all know many of our answers are present online all we have to do is think of it in the right way. Because these pandemic times have made us rely on doing things online also it is helping us in all the way it can so we should believe in its power.