From black boards to smart boards

From black boards to smart boards

From black boards to smart boards

Change; is the ultimate truth of today and tomorrow. The fact about the world is its constant change. No anything stays constant or uniform for long rather we can say change is constant. We as human beings are ready to welcome the positive change in our lives, and we somehow try to postpone the negative change coming in our lives, if in our hands.

There was a massive amount of change in the lifestyle, in what we prefer, what we follow and many other things recently. Why? This is because of the pandemic that hit the world in recent times. And we are still not free from the pandemic’s effects. We are still juggling with problems created by the pandemic, that is, the COVID-19. The pandemic has created so many changes it has put us in the world sense of shock and pain altogether in just one year. We human beings have seen massive changes during times of pandemic and lockdown.  

Similarly, going down the lane and talking about the boards that went from blackboard to smartboard. It went all cool, everything just happened in the way a change is supposed to be accepted. David Martin and Knowlton were those two people who invented smart boards back in 1991. They invented it through their company Smart Technologies. Well, they both gave in their efforts and created the first smartboard of their times. They created the first computer like interacting smartboard. This board was capable of interacting with human beings just the way a computer does but not completely like a computer. It was a complete smart board with the help of two other things besides that is the smartpen and whiteboard projector. The smartpen was capable of touching the board. We were allowed to use our fingers or any other solid thing in the place of smartpens.

This was the history of smart boards. This is how we came to know about the smart boards, this is how we came to acknowledge the existence of smart boards. Now, let’s talk about the benefits of having a smart board in a classroom.

YES !! Benefits –

  • Increases interaction with the student –

Well, this is a fact that when things come alive we feel like liking it more than usual. And this happens a lot with children they like things, even more, when they come in talking terms, same happens with the smart boards, they make classes more interactive and interesting with its special presence. Children feel like believing the texts more than usual, they start getting into the interaction more than usual. 

  • It converts learning into fun learning –

Yes, that is so true when things kind of come alive we sort of start trusting the talks a little more. We start liking it a little more, we start getting into it more, we start interacting with it a little more. This is why we like smart boards more than just blackboards they bring life into what we kind of see and try to learn about. 

  • It helps teachers in explaining –

This is complete truth, yes! When we explain something to anyone, we start with our words, the other person whether willing or unwillingly tries his best to listen to us if the subject matter is not interesting to him. But then at some point in time during the explanation, he fails his concentration level and leaves the class for that point in time. At this time what helps the most? This smartboard, why? because it will bring the broken concentration of the listener into the explanation, this is because the smartboard can instantly bring the proof of what the teacher is saying in the form of pictures, images, videos, text, or animation as required, very easily.

  • All the details have their proofs –

Of course yes. With the help of smart boards when teachers will something or when teachers will try to explain something they will have proper proof of what they are saying is true. And so the information will become more reliable and interesting for the students. Even when the students study through normal black boars they trust whatever their teachers are trying to teach them but here they do not find the information more interacting and interesting.

Well, smart boars have innumerable benefits for the teachers who are teaching and for the students who are learning. But, discussing all of them here is not that easy. In the end, all we can say is smart boards have helped us evolve in a very positive way. We should learn to grow with the positive changes happening in our lives.