Stepping towards Gamification in education is good or not?

Stepping towards Gamification in education is good or not?

Stepping towards Gamification in education is good or not?



We all love games. No doubt, this sentence is completely true in itself. Whether you ask a child or an adult they all will say, yes we love games. Answer to this question in negative is having very rare chances to come from any person. As games do have that tendency to attract people of any age.

We can take example of office tasks to be shifted to something that gives reward at the end, or at the completion of the task. This do comes under gamification of the task. Because we people know how to make any monotonous thing very interesting and attractive. We can take the help of converting it into a proper game, especially in studies, and then adding a reward at the end. That brings positive vibes and a sense of achievement at the completion of the game. This expected achievement could be the driving force for any or we can say for almost many people around.

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Similarly, if we talk about children, we know most us even were reluctant to studies back to our childhood. Why? Because, there was nothing soothing, relaxing, tempting, rewarding, or something, that could bring us instant happiness. Children do not see what’s coming from far to them. They just believe in instant happiness, or activities that bring something that can result into a spontaneous outcome to them. And so we were so much reluctant to studies back in our childhood because it was boring. It was not in the way a child wants things to be. Neither proper picturization was there, nor did our education system use any kind of videos to explain deep theories to us. And so it continued to be boring for us.

But these are the talks of years that went by. Now we have everything we can do and add anything we want in our education system that could bring more realistic explanation in education for our children.

Why gamfication? 

Such obvious reasons are there for the proper and regular usage of gamification in education. Come let’s discuss some of them here,

  • Why not? When we are having enough facilities to make use of it in multiple ways then why not? Why cannot we make the most out of technology? Today technology is having the power to solve most of our problems then why not to rely on something that can give us proper responses?
  • Brings attraction of children. Gamification brings attraction of children; well this is obvious if we talk about adults regarding games in their office tasks then even adults will respond in a very delighted and positive way with a YES! And then talking about children can definitely bring very much positive response.  
  • The only thing that can make studies interesting is gamification of education. We cannot think of any other thing as an alternative to it.
  • We cannot force children to study with books only. Because they will not agree to spend hours on books until and unless they grow enough to understand the importance of studies in their lives. So this is the only way we can make them learn. They will never say no to games. And the result is obvious.
  • They can use smart phones to play games, watch videos, but they will not give a single read to a book, not even comics these days. Because comics also are replaced today by online gaming. So why not to use that smart phone in place of books, for them to learn? Or in a productive way? Why not to place a smart phone full of productive knowledge in their hands? Other than boring books that they do not like. 

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How can we place games in studies?

  • By making games over deep and tough theories.
  • By adding many children in the interaction. So that children do not feel their studies are just starting from books and ending into books again. So that they feel their friends are there with them. And the process of studying is not boring anymore to them.
  • By adding videos in the curriculum of your children.
  • Set a task, divide teams, and reward your children after the completion of the game.
  • Ask your children to make videos on their favorite topics by adding some tricks in a fun way.
  • Set programs and add games to it online.
  • Set points on every level of online learning.
  • Create competition. Well adding the option of points on every level of game will automatically create competition on its own. That will encourage them to fight even harder.
  • Set your children a proper target online to reach by the time already set in the game.
  • Add hurdles in their way of reaching their desired destination online. Hurdles including knowledge in them, so that they feel competitive.

Games can always enhance the motivation of children in studies. This will make them feel the urge of learning more and more by the passage of every single day. They will feel the required competition and they will automatically charge themselves up. And they will bring the courage to fight against their fellow classmates or friends in order to be at the first number or at the top ultimately.