Virtual Reality the ultimate face of tomorrow

Virtual Reality the ultimate face of tomorrow

Virtual Reality the ultimate face of tomorrow



Did anybody among us ever thought of living in the era of virtuality? It was so unrealistic to find things like computer or laptop or even smart phones back then around us. This is because we never thought of anything coming around us like this. That something other than our real world is also going to be a part of our world.

boy wearing black and white VR headset

We were surrounded with real things and we believed them only and never thought of anything like virtual to be coming true someday to us human beings. But, it came and we saw almost everything changing its platform from offline to online. We are now acknowledging the change, we can exactly see where this evolution has happened? And now we also have learnt how to live with them, in fact adding here that now we cannot live without those facilities which are providing us virtuality as reality.


Come let’s talk about it here. Why is it so? Because we have now experienced the change and we love it. We are loving this change. As earlier too we were watching movies but now the HD version is being loved and appraised the most, earlier too we were watching movies but now the cinema has gone far enough to provide us that 3D version. So we can feel each and everything around us, so that we can feel whatever we are looking at by just sitting on our place.

Virtual reality is the truth of today and tomorrow, and no doubt this if once get encountered by anybody he/she is never going to say no to it for its further experience.

How can VR be a working part of Education?

We all like watching movies with 3D effect. Everybody appreciates the moving and real pictures in the movies when coming towards us. We love that experience, don’t we? Then, why do not children will love doing studies like that? Children love things to be explained well, rather than narrated well. It is because this gives them the power to understand things with enhanced focus and attention. And they feel like living the part on their own. So they will like this change a lot. As they then can be able to see what they are listening is actually coming to life.

woman in blue dress holding white round board

They will love that step in studies. We can take for example “gamification” we added gamification into the studies of children to lure them, to attract them. Now is the time to add life to the studies of children. In here they can easily see everything actually happening. For example we can take a theory here, we use to learn and understand so many theories in Science, were those theories that exciting? It only happens if we used to like those theories, or Science being our favorite subject? Right?

Yes, they were tough to understand or even memorize because we were only allowed to picturize them in our minds only. Our minds were not sure that whatever picture it is creating itself is right or not? After reading all those textbooks, and all those little narrations from our teachers. Until we cross check it with our teacher about the exact theory and the picture that we have made about the theory in our minds. The minus point here is for the shy students they just do not get a clear picture of the theory that they we assuming.

This is the point where Virtual Reality will help. All students who are shy, all those who cannot attend the classes due to some reasons, for those who sometimes get confused in understanding. In short for everybody out there who is willing to learn. Virtual reality is the truth of today and tomorrow we must trust it.

VR or Virtual Reality in studies can make our students ready for so many things for future that we never thought would come true. But today they are the truth of the world. We believed things and here we are living in the world of virtual reality. In the same manner we are supposed to trust the technology and we will be able to see great changes further in the future too. Just a little push and trust is required change or the next evolution is not that far. We will together have to believe in technology and it will serve the best platter to mankind with proper believe in the technology. Mankind has attempted a lot has done great hard work and so we are able to see this great change here, the same hard work could bring great changes in future too we will have to make our coming generation ready for this. With the help of already present inventions our coming generations could do wonders for example we can put technology at number one position.