Why should we be a part of edtech industry?

Why should we be a part of edtech industry?

Why should we be a part of edtech industry?



.                                 Why should we be a part of edtech industry?

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Yes, this is the question that many companies that have decided to join th edtech industry are going through. Here talking about them also who are thinking to be an edtech start-up. Well, this is very true that being an edtech company is not an easy task. There are many dilemmas to deal with, there are many questions to answer but at the last, we can see this is a growing industry. We can be a part of what the world around us is doing?

Being an edtech startup in today’s era is a bit easier and defined. In past deciding to start an edetch company, was tough! We can say that it was harder than today. Things were not that specific and were not that much in demand. The ways they are today in demand. This is because earlier e-learning was just another option available to the users or to the rarest users who were somehow scarce by the offline learning. Earlier, there online learning was kept in front as an alternative to the users, or users took it the same way. But due to the pandemic e-learning came in limelight with full focus and zero alternatives available. So people have bound to us the facility. And now the majority believes in the power of online education. Now going in, building an empire is not just that much tough in comparison to the old days. 

List of some edtech companies worldwide who are leading the chart?

  1. Starting with an Indian company, BYJU is leading this year with its 12 billion funding.
  2. The Chinese edtech start-up, Yuanfudao is touching heights with around 15.5 billion in funding.
  3. VIPKid an edtech company from China is making it to the top with 4 billion.
  4. Udemy the United States-owned company has seen growth a lot like its competitors during the pandemic as a good response. It is touching about 3.3 billion.
  5. An Indian company Unacademy is at a growth of about 3.3 billion.
  6. Zuoyebang a Chinese company is marking growth with about 10.0 billion.
  7. Coursera the United States-owned company is touching heights with about 2.5 billion.
  8. Canadian company ApplyBoard is leading with 1.4 billion.
  9. Again the Chinese company Zhangmen is growing with about 20.0 billion.
  10. Guild Education the United States Company is having grown for about 1.0 billion.

The above-written companies and their growth details are not written line-wise or they are not in any order. They are mentioned here just to inform you that how much the education sector has embraced the change around the world. The main thing here to mention is that in the above-mentioned list of the companies some have touched heights even before the pandemic. Like in 2019 only so we can imagine how much growth all of them would have seen during and post the pandemic. We too are supposed to do the same, because the future asks for the same. And in reality, the list is pretty much long, discussing all here is not easy. You can find the proper list here.

Why should we join the edtech community? 

Well, it is not an easy task though, but we all know nothing is impossible. As we can see the demand for online learning is touching heights, it is for about 64% in some sections of edtech companies. Every journey seems tough in the beginning from far but when we decide and execute to embark on it, it somehow seems happening in the real world. 

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There are so many reasons –

  • The obvious reason is there that edtech industry is growing at a very large pace especially during and after the pandemic. 
  • Even more, growth is expected in near future; yes present is not the limit. The future is even higher. We just need to trust in it.
  • It is the demand of today and tomorrow with definite growth.
  • This is the way we can nicely help the children by teaching them through their smart phones, laptops, and other digital devices.
  • No doubt e-learning is calling investors again the profit section.
  • The ultimate profit is saving papers. We can save paper through the use of online learning, saving, noting.

There are so many other reasons that can influence you for being a part of edtech industry. But, until you will not reach it on your own you will not understand its importance. Be cool mind, search about it and try to make its reasons for you on your own.