Our Top 5 Test-Making Tools For Teachers

Our Top 5 Test-Making Tools For Teachers

Our Top 5 Test-Making Tools For Teachers

Education has definitely changed over the past years, with the introduction of technology into its various components, including teaching itself. The process of imparting knowledge hasn't just been about teaching, but also testing what you've been taught. A few debate on the importance of such tests in school, and how they should be conducted, but this is a system that continues to be followed. Assessments play a crucial role to learning because they help evaluate a lot of factors, such as teaching methodologies, and also reveal the educational benefits that these methods provide. And just like its sister components, the method of test-taking has also become digitized.

The great thing about a test-making tool is that it lets you exercise your free will, and helps you expand your teaching horizons. Due to this, they're fantastic methods to help you take your teaching methods over traditional learning methods, and they also help you simplify the testing process and the analysis of the teaching methods used.

For students, they've made the transfer of knowledge more fun and enjoyable, providing varying types of tests and quizzes to keep everyone engaged in the online class sphere. These tool also generate tests that are more aligned to those used in corporations, making students familiar with them before they into their practical lives. So, let's not wait any further and jump right into the top 5 interactive test-making tools for teachers.

1. QuizStar test-making tool

QuizStar is a free online testing tool designed for teachers, which allows them to build quizzes on a browser, invite students to join a classroom and attempt the quizzes online. Once the quiz is taken, the student will be able to view their test results. This website requires registration (which is free of cost) to do the above processes, and tests on this tool can be assigned to students, just like that of an LMS. Though it comes with no price tag, it can only be viewed on a desktop, and hosts very limited number of questions.

2. Hot Potatoes test-making tool

This is an ideal app for language teachers, and is a free online test-making tool program that comes with 6 application, 5 of which low teachers to create different forms of quizzes. The last of the applications helps you to integrate the different tests you create. The question types offered are appropriate for vocabulary quizzes and small practice exercises for language instructors. This tool helps you publish onto your LMS or directly on the web, and while creating your quiz, helps you set time limits, assign weights to different question types, offer hints at the expense of losing some points and set penalties for incorrect answers. It also makes it possible for students to jump from one activity to another. For more on Hot Potatoes, click on the link given here.

3. Question Writer HTML5 test-making tool

This online test-making tool allows you to design customizable SCORM compliant quizzes, which are quizzes that can be shared with other SCORM compliant systems such as the web and various LMS's. It helps teachers in adjusting quiz settings, get reports, and track students' results. It comes with 20-different templates and helps you in creating one from scratch, but may seem outdated and may not be easy to use on the mobile. Instructors can provide rich feedback related to any topic. While there are many customization options available, teachers can only use images and flash objects to enhance questions. This app unfortunately, does not come for free.

4. Articulate Quizmaker test-making tool

This is one of the most advanced e-test-making tools available for teachers and trainers. It is designed for technically advanced eLearning developers who create non-standard, complex assessments. It is a highly customizable and flexible testing tool that can be used to create quizzes for all devices. You can either choose to create a template from scratch, or choose between the 20 different form-based or 6 free-form question templates offered to you. It allows for randomization, configuration of scores, skipping answers, set allowed attempts, etc. It also comes with a wide variety of images, audio, video and web objects to quiz design, and a content library that offers appealing slide templates and characters to improve quizzes. Quizzes can also be taken online or offline through a mobile app.

5. iSpring Quizmaker test-making tool

This tool helps you create tests of high complexity, and also helps you develop comprehesive assessments, including interactive quizzes, drag-and-drop exercises, quick surveys, essays, word banks, multiple-choice, hotspot, matching, Likert scale, etc. This tool can be used by both teachers and corporate trainers for use in training and employee assessments. It allows for multiple attempts comments on every question, hints, and useful links for test-takers. It also helps create simulations for different job types. You get to choose from 14 different templates of surveys and graded questions, with all of these coming as a great responsive test design and mobile learning experience. It is highly customizable in terms of rule-making and using images, and audio in issuing detailed feedback to students. This app also comes for free, and gives the student an online and offline test-taking option. After a 14-day trial, you can proceed with the paid subscription that costs $370 per year, with schools, non-profit organizations, students, teachers and government institutions getting a special discount.

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